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It’s been a while since I posted a blog.

Well, don’t despair. Since the closing of the centre, I got to focus on the new role and in turn reducing my interactions with exciting greening products and ideas.

From now on I look at posting more regularly( hoping for one blog a week as a start)

Ka Hlompho


Activ’ Air Cleaning

A while back I saw an advert on the television about plants that clean the air in a certain private hospital chain. I used to ask myself what home makers used to clean their air outside of the centralised air-conditioning units that they have installed.

Baby nursery (3)

I then came across the Saint-Gobain Gyproc Activ’ Air plasterboard. Get this it’s a plaster board that cleans the air of VOC’s(Volatile Organic Compounds) these are emitted as gases from solid or liquid, they include a variety of chemicals, some of which may have a short and long term side effects. VOC’s are commonly found in Paints, cleaning detergents, furniture, smoke, carpet fibers and office equipment such as printers and copiers.


Activ’ Air’s technology takes the VOCs and converts them in to safe, inert compounds which, once captured in the board, cannot be released back into the air. It is a passive system that works without anyone knowing it’s there. Several tests conducted on the product have proven that even after multiple renovations, the board continues to clean the air for 75 years, providing peace of mind for generations.


The new Activ’ Air plasterboards with air purifying technology offers the ideal way to absorb all impurities and reduce overall health risks. It removes 100% of aldehydes and almost completely removes any other pollutants, which occur in the form of VOCs.


How do you clean your air at this point in time?

For more information on the board you can visit, we have an exciting display of this product at the Green Design Centre.

Welcome to 2013

The beginning of every year comes with its own promises and a mystery of what the new year holds, and of course the resolutions.

We encourage you to start off the year on a green footing and perhaps one of your resolutions includes steps toward eco conscious living. Why not kick this off by visiting the Green Design Centre…we are on hand to show you around our centre and talk greening  over a cup of coffee.

At the centre we have a wide range of products for green building and sustainable living from environmentally friendly paints to water harvesting units.

Green Design Centre Entrance

Marshall Hinds Landscaping products

Franke Kitchens

JoJo Tank’s water harvesting unit


Versus Paints

Van Acht Doors and Windows

Map to the Green design Centre

Map to the Green design Centre

The Green Design Centre trading hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 09h30 – 16h30

Saturday and Sunday 09h00 – 17h00

Take a walk on the greenside



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