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Mahatma Gandhi’s historical home – tranquil and green

I came across some interesting information about the serene Satyagraha House  in Orchards in Johannesburg, the home of Mahatma Gandhi from 1908 to 1909. Not only is the house steeped in history but it’s green too! It has been transformed into a museum and guesthouse for those wanting to gain a better insight into the life and culture of Gandhi.

Environmentally sound heating solutions, by Home Comfort, have been installed as an alternative source of energy to supply heating all year round to the newly refurbished building. These include state-of-the-art radiators in the rondawels; water under-floor heating with pipes in the sleeping quarters of the main house; polystyrene insulation beneath the water under-floor heating pipes and hot water produced by a solar powered heat pump. The radiators heat by circulating hot water from a boiler through the hollow, flat tubes. The water may be heated by different heat sources, such as solar, gas or electricity.

Don’t worry if all the technical talk makes no sense to you, what’s important is that Satyagraha House is fantastically eco-friendly while remaining a beautiful heritage site.Even the food is green! The restaurant offers strictly vegetarian cuisine keeping with that of Gandhi’s own diet. Home comfort is one of the many green exhibitors you will find at the Green Design Centre. So if your looking to follow in Gandhi’s footsteps why not pop in and see what’s on show.


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